Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 2 Part 2: The Minack Theatre, Porthcurno

"The Minack Open Air Theatre was originally constructed in the 1930s by Rowena Cade, who lived in the house just behind the theatre. The Rowena Cade Exhibition tells the remarkable story of how the girl who enjoyed a privileged upbringing built this famous theatre with her own hands. She worked every winter in all sorts of weather until she was well in her eighties. When she died, just before her ninetieth birthday, she left sketches suggesting how the Minack Theatre might be covered on rainy days. Unfortunately there has never been sufficient cash to implement her plans.

At the beginning, granite was cut by hand and stones were inched into place. The terraces were constructed from earth, stones and pebbles on a slope above a sheer drop into the ocean.

In 1976, Rowena Cade donated the Minack Theatre to a charitable trust which now administers it. Shortly afterwards, she purchased a bungalow and more land to provide offices and a larger car park. The Visitor Centre is now open daily throughout each year but the theatre is closed for viewing during matinee performances. There are some impressive sub tropical plants, planted by Rowena Cade and a coffee shop overlooks the theatre."

Dari Lands End kami ke Minack Theatre di Porthcurno, Perjalanan mengambil masa kurang dari setengah jam. Cuaca masih seperti di Lands End berangin dan kadang kala hujan renyai-renyai. Sampai di situ pun dah pukul 5.00 petang dan theatre tu tutup jam 5.30 petang. Disebabkan kawasannya pun tak lah seluas mana, kami decided untuk masuk dalam masa setengah jam terakhir. Pemandangan dan keindahan yang amat mempersonakan.....